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Unlock the potential within every learner - Assessment and Support for neurodivergent and non-neurodivergent learning disorders.

Raise the Bar Psychology is your dedicated partner for comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and post-diagnosis support tailored to learning difficulties and disabilities.

We support individuals of all ages, both neurodivergent and non-neurodivergent, who are navigating challenges related to learning disorders, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.

Our Services

At Raise the Bar Psychology, we focus on understanding and addressing learning disorders through diagnostic assessment, neurodivergent-affirming practices, and personalised post-diagnosis support. We tailor our approach to the unique strengths, differences and challenges of each individual.
At Raise the Bar Psychology, our services focus on understanding and addressing learning disorders through:

  • Diagnostic Assessment – we use a variety of assessment batteries to thoroughly evaluate and identify learning disorders, starting with a Cognitive Assessment to rule out more general difficulties with learning such as intellectual developmental disorder. Other assessments will be used to help assess reading, writing, mathematics and cognitive processing, with the latter enabling evaluation of the individual’s working memory, processing speed, phonological awareness, rapid automatised naming (or naming speed), associative memory, and/or quantitative reasoning.
  • We provide neurodivergent-affirming services for individuals of all ages that consider the strengths and challenges of the individual.
  • We offer Post-Diagnosis Support, including comprehensive reports outlining findings and personalised recommendations for intervention. We also offer education and counselling support for clients and their families, utilising a collaborative approach and evidence-based interventions for optimal support.
  • Our psychologists can provide ongoing support as required by meeting with the school and relevant teaching staff and discussing implementing the recommended supports and educational adjustments.
Assessment & Support for Learning Disorders | Raise the Bar Psychology
Assessment & Support for Learning Disorders | Raise the Bar Psychology

Who We Work with

Raise the Bar Psychology provides support across various age groups, including children, adolescents, and adults. Whether it’s enhancing early intervention strategies, guiding through academic transitions, or tailoring support for workplace success, we’re here for you.

Assessment & Support for Learning Disorders | Raise the Bar Psychology

Signs to look for - do you suspect you or a loved one has a learning disorder?

Individuals with a delay in speech and language development, knowing letter names and sounds, recognising patterns, knowing number names, and counting can be at greater risk of a learning disorder.
In school-aged children, signs of these disorders may include:

  • inaccurate or slow word reading
  • trouble grasping reading meanings
  • spelling difficulties or challenges in written expression
  • issues with number sense, facts, and calculations
  • struggles in mathematical reasoning.

It’s not unusual for kids with these disorders to avoid tasks or get frustrated easily.

If you or your loved one is facing challenges related to learning, we are here to provide expert assessment and support.

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