Support for Parents: Nurturing Your Child's Unique Journey

Empowering families with knowledge, understanding and support

Helping you to help your child– with positive outcomes for everyone.

Parenting comes with many ups and down along the way, sometimes leaving you feeling overwhelmed and guessing your next step. Raise the Bar Psychology is here to support you along this journey via parent and family support, collaboration with schools, and providing valuable insights, knowledge, and guidance.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to thrive and that when we don’t it is often because our environment doesn’t support our uniqueness. We’re here to help you foster an environment at home, and advocate for one at school, which supports your child’s development, learning and well-being.

We support families to meet the child where they’re at, appreciate their individuality and work collaboratively to identify and address barriers and unmet needs getting in the way of achieving desired outcomes and important goals.

Smooth Transitions and Autonomy Development - Parenting Support
Understanding Parenting Support for Next Steps - Support for Parents | Raise The Bar Psychology
Learning Assessment for Adolescents | Raise the Bar Psychology

Understand the assessment results and next steps

We are committed to providing comprehensive and expert support for parents and carers, which often starts with helping you to understand your child’s unique learning and/or neurodivergent profile.

We also ensure you understand the recommended interventions and how the environment can be adjusted to accommodate your child’s individual needs and preferences. We also provide actionable advice on communicating to your child, their siblings, friends, and school personnel what are their strengths, differences and needs.

Behavioural Regulation and Positive Parenting

Our psychologists will help equip you with the skills and strategies needed to enhance your child’s capabilities by teaching you effective techniques to build your child’s skills and respond to challenging behaviour.

“Kids do well if they can”
—Ross Greene, Ph.D.

We advocate for and encourage a positive, collaborative, and strategy-based approach to parenting. Embracing Dr. Ross Greene’s “Kids do well if they can” philosophy, we assist in developing emotional and behavioural regulation skills for your child.

Greene’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model changes the game by focusing on problem-solving rather than behaviour-modifying. It is proactive, not reactive, collaborative, not unilateral, and recognises that concerning behaviours are indicators of unmet expectations in your child. 

Behavioural Regulation and Positive Parenting | Raise the Bar Psychology
Embracing Positive Parenting for Lasting Impact | Raise the Bar Psychology

Embracing Positive Parenting for Lasting Impact

Our mission is to strengthen the child-parent relationship for lasting impact by equipping you with the knowledge and skills to confidently steer your child’s development, aiding them in becoming resilient and well-rounded individuals.

With expert guidance, you can learn to be proactive and responsive to your child’s needs and translate challenges into opportunities, and uncertainty into strategy. 

Our psychologists partner with parents to embrace the journey together, one step at a time.

We’re here to help you identify the most appropriate assessment pathway and to help you through the process and beyond - because everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

We’d love to support you; whether you have a few questions or concerns, want to know your options, or are looking for the best provider for you, book a call with us today.