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Raise The Bar Psychology Sale provides a wide range of assessment services for children and adolescents.​ We use assessment tools designed to identify and diagnose autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and more.

Where to find us

We offer assessments, counselling, consultation and interventions in person for Brighton, Hampton, Camberwell, Toorak, and Bentleigh residents and online services for clients and patients further afield. We also provide a Gippsland outreach clinic twice a month.

Suite 102, Level 1,
15 Corporate Drive, Heatherton VIC 3202

Ring us on +1300 785 662

How we help

Our Services


We offer thorough psychological, educational, and developmental diagnostic assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. Our expert-driven services provide comprehensive insights into individuals’ psychological and educational profiles.

Educational Services

Our Education Support Services include study skills & memory strategies for efficient learning, learning disorder support with comprehensive assessment, and school outreach & consultation, fostering inclusive educational experiences through collaboration.


We provide comprehensive support for mental health, challenging behaviours, learning difficulties, and neurodivergence. Our tailored strategies draw from CBT, ACT, mindfulness, and collaborative models, focusing on neuro-affirming, strength-based care.

Parenting Support

Supporting parents of neurodivergent or developmentally delayed children, we understand the challenges. Our psychologists offer ongoing support, collaborate with schools, and provide insights for a nurturing home environment, fostering the flourishing of every family member.


We offer education on neurodivergence, empowering parents to understand their child’s uniqueness. Avoiding one-size-fits-all parenting, we stress positive and individualised strategies, aiming to support children in learning how to thrive.

Professional Development

Explore Professional Development: Obtain Dr. Kate Jacobs’ insightful seminar on WISC-IV and WISC-V, viewed through CHC ‘lenses’. Gain valuable context for the revisions made to WISC-V. Available for purchase, this recorded session is tailored for educators and clinicians.

We believe that with the right assessment and support, we can help create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

We’d love to support you; whether you have a few questions or concerns, want to know your options, or are looking for the best provider for you, book a call with us today.

Raise the Bar Psychology FAQs

Medicare rebates are available if referred under items for ‘Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorders and eligible disabilities’ by a paediatrician or psychiatrist.

No, a referral is not necessary. Our team is available to help you evaluate whether an assessment would be beneficial depending on your needs and circumstances, and they can help determine which assessments would be most useful if an assessment is recommended.

Assessments can help identify your child’s strengths, differences  and challenges, what makes them unique, how their brain functions, and whether they might qualify for additional funding and support. At a minimum, getting them assessed can help you support them in overcoming barriers, working with their strengths, and identifying what government support might be available to them (if needed).

Most assessments include an initial intake session, an assessment (the length depends on the required assessment type), and a feedback session with report four weeks after the assessment.

The length of an assessment will depend on the number and type of assessments required, and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All assessments include a one-hour intake session and one-hour feedback session with report four weeks after the assessment. Depending on individual needs, the assessment process can vary from one to eight hours.

The range of conditions or issues that can be explored through psychological or neurodevelopmental assessment includes concerns around mental health, learning difficulties, cognitive functioning, developmental delays and neurodivergence inclkuding autism and ADHD.

Psychologist Sale Clinic

Raise the Bar Psychology is your local psychologist in Sale offering a wide range of assessment psychology services for children and adolescents.

Services are typically provided via a combination of in-person and telehealth sessions.

Our Melbourne psychologists will be visiting Sale on specific dates from February to June 2024. Contact us for further information.