Meet the Team: Emily Bull

For our latest installment of Meet the Team, it’s time to introduce team member Emily Bull. Emily has been with Raise the Bar since August 2017 and is one of our dual location practitioners working from both the Moorabbin and Collingwood clinics.

Read on to find out more about Emily and what she does at Raise the Bar.

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Job Title: Psychologist

Qualifications: Master of Psychology (Ed & Dev) at Monash, Honours year at RMIT, Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne Uni

Background/Experience: Since leaving uni I have worked in an independent school in Bayside. I have also worked in private practice providing counselling to children and adolescents.

Why did you choose this profession? I actually wanted to be a lawyer when I was in Year 12, but one of my teachers told me that they thought I would be better suited to psychology. That comment stuck with me and I ended up enrolling in an Arts degree at university with combined criminology and psychology subjects. I soon realised that I was enjoying my psychology subjects a lot more, and the rest is history!

Being a psychologist in an educational setting really appealed to me as I loved my time at school, and it saddens me to think that others don’t always have the same enjoyment and fond memories of a place where we spend a good chunk of our lives. I enjoy working with young people to help them better understand themselves and to improve engagement in and outside of the classroom.

Professional quote/Personal motto: One that I quite like and would use a lot with clients in my counselling work was from Hamlet/Shakespeare: “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. I like it because it reminds us that sometimes all that is needed when things are tough is a change in attitude and a positive mindset.

Favourite book / movie / food: Apart from Harry Potter, haha? I don’t think I have one favourite book or movie, and I like reading and watching a lot of different genres. I’m trying to work my way through as many classic novels as I can, and I have also set myself a challenge to watch all Oscar winning Best Picture movies – I’m about halfway there. I love eating Italian food and my favourite sweet thing is scorched almonds.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing netball a couple of times a week, going to the football to watch the Cats play, spending time with friends and family.

What do you like about working with Raise the Bar: Working with such hard-working and dedicated professionals and the great collegiality that exists amongst the Raise the Bar team.

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