Meet the Team: Jessica Arnup

Who am I?

Name: Jessica Arnup

Job Title: Psychologist


  • Master of Educational Psychology,
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Secondary),
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology,
  • Bachelor of Science,
  • (Also currently completing a PhD)


Before working at Raise the Bar Psychology, I worked in a number of schools, as both a teacher, school psychologist/counsellor and a visiting psychologist. As a result, I have extensive experience working with students and completing psychoeducational assessments. I also really enjoy working with teachers to help them understand and support their students with learning difficulties.

Why did I choose this profession?

In secondary school I completed Year 11 Psychology which I found really interesting! I then worked part-time as a mathematics tutor during my undergraduate degree and thoroughly enjoyed helping students grow and progress their academic skills. My background in studying education and my love of psychology led me straight to educational psychology! I also love working with children and adolescents and hope our work can help provide strategies and support to people early in life.

What I like about working with Raise the Bar Psychology

I love getting to support different children and their schools and families! I enjoy bringing all the information about the student together to make evidence-based recommendations to guide their future learning. I also enjoy working with the other psychologists at RBP too, who I continually learn from.

My favourite things!

file 39 | Raise the Bar Psychology

Book: The time traveller’s wife

Movie: Elizabethtown

Food: Chocolate

Hobbies: Reading, spending time with family and friends, netball, Pilates, watching AFL (go bombers!) and listening to podcasts

Podcast: Freakonomics