Meet The Team: Lisa Burdett

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Lisa Burdett is many things – wife, mother, daughter, friend, and she was also the first psychologist to come on board with Raise the Bar Psychology. With a Masters in Educational & Developmental Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts she was undoubtedly qualified. However it is those qualifications matched with her extensive experience that make her such a wonderful member of the Raise the Bar team. I sat down with her recently to uncover why and how she does what she does.

Along with her extensive background in conducting educational assessments for young people with learning difficulties, working with young people with depression and truancy issues and conducting cognitive assessments to support programs for students with disabilities, Lisa has also managed to raise three children and now divides her time between her family and her work with Raise the Bar Psychology.

When asked why she chose this profession Lisa’s answer provides a wonderful insight into her motivation to help people. “I have always been interested in working with children and particularly those with additional needs.  Psychology provides you with the knowledge and tools to better understand the different needs of young people, and how they can best be supported.” Her desire to use her skills to assist young people to achieve their goals is wonderfully symbiotic with the underlying mission of the Raise the Bar Psychology clinic itself.

A little about Lisa:

  • With three incredibly active children Lisa loves spending time watching their sports games and music performances
  • For herself Lisa enjoys cooking, dancing and playing with the family dog
  • As a lover of books her favourite growing up was The Secret Garden, and she is very excited to be able to share it with her daughter soon

When it comes to her work, Lisa likes to point out that Raise the Bar Psychology is a fantastic environment to be involved in.  It provides her with the opportunity to work with young people, their families and their schools to achieve better outcomes for young people with additional learning needs, and  seeing the difference that Raise the Bar’s assessment methods and integrated approach can make to a young person’s learning is a very gratifying benefit.  Working in such a friendly and supportive environment, with other psychologists with whom knowledge and ideas can be shared is also a great added bonus to getting to do what you are passionate about.

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