Meet the Team: Vicky Marinis

Name: Vicky Marinis

Job Title: Psychologist


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
  • Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology

Professional quote/Personal motto:

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

Vicky’s Background and Experience

Vicky is a registered Psychologist with experience in clinical and school settings. Within these settings, Vicky has administered many psycho-educational assessments. She has also previously had experience in well-being and as an integration aide where she provided additional support to students in the classroom with behavioural and learning needs. Vicky has also done vocational assessments to help individuals establish their career pathways.

Why Vicky Chose this Profession

Vicky initially chose a career in psychology because she found helping others highly rewarding. Throughout her experiences, she has developed a strong interest in psycho-educational assessment and in providing students with the skills to thrive during their education. Having a career as a psychologist has allowed Vicky to follow her interests and to help make learning a positive and enjoyable experience for all students.

What Vicky Likes about Working with Raise the Bar

Vicky has really enjoyed working with Raise the Bar because of its supportive environment. She is grateful to work with highly knowledgeable and experienced colleagues from whom she can learn and further develop her knowledge and skills.

Vicky’s Favourites

file 36 | Raise the Bar Psychology

Book: Growing up, Vicky was a huge Judy Blume fan and loved rereading the Fudge Series

Movie – Grease

Food – Chocolate Bavarian (or anything containing chocolate!)

Hobbies – Listening to music of all eras and genres as well as listening to podcasts, spending time with her family and friends