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New Client Information

Welcome to Raise the Bar Psychology! Below you will find important information regarding our fees, booking and cancellation policy. 

For assessment clients we find that individuals tend to only need one to two comprehensive assessments throughout their lifetime. We have included below step-by-step information regarding the process, to help you prepare and make the most out of your assessment. 

Raise the Bar Psychology was established in 2013

Raise the Bar Psychology has built a strong reputation for comprehensiveness amongst families, schools, paediatricians, and the local community. We trust you will have a positive experience with us.

In everything that we do, we strive to be:

Fees, booking and cancellation policy

Fees are charged in 15-minute increments, and any scheduled appointments that run longer or shorter than originally booked will be amended accordingly. 

Assessment Fees
Assessment services often involve an intake session, one or more assessment sessions, and a feedback session

  • As of 1st September 2023 each session is $365 – $430 per hour depending on the psychologist
  • The hourly rate includes the appointment as well as a portion of the report fee 
  • The number of assessment sessions required depends on both the type of assessment being conducted as well as the individual completing the test
  • Typically a comprehensive assessment takes 6-8 hours including intake, assessment sessions and feedback
  • An estimate of the likely number of assessment sessions required will be provided when booking and before you commit to receiving any services
  • The above fees include phone calls to schools and previous and current practitioners if required
  • If a school observation is required and agreed to, an additional fee will be applied 

Counselling/Consultation Fees

  •  As of 1st September 2023 individual intervention services are $130-$250 per hour depending on the psychologist

  • When first meeting your psychologist they will discuss with you the likely number of sessions needed and their suggested frequency before you commit to receiving any further services 

  • Online group intervention programs targeting study skills and memory strategies run each school term for 6 or 8 weeks respectively, and cost $40 per session. 

Out of hours session fee

  • Sessions that are scheduled out of hours incur an additional $15 fee per 50-60 minute session.
  • An out of hours session fee applies to all sessions scheduled after 5pm on a weekday, and any hours on a weekend or public holiday. 


To secure your booking, we require:

  1. A booking deposit of $250. This covers the cost of assessment preparation which occurs prior to the initial consultation. You can make payment by via bank deposit (details in the invoice), by calling the office during business hours on 1300 785 662, or paying online using the secure link in the email. The booking deposit will be credited towards the final appointment.
  2. Complete the consent and background information form using the link provided in the booking email.
  3. Complete the funding details form if your service will be paid for by a third party (e.g., school, NDIS, other family member), or if you will be claiming a Medicare rebate.

Counselling/Consultation Services 

To confirm your booking, the below steps must be completed prior to your initial consultation. 

  1. Complete the electronic consent form as soon as possible included in the booking email.
  2. Complete the payment details form emailed to you separately from our Halaxy server
  3. Complete the funding details form emailed to you if you have a Mental Health Care Plan and wish to receive a Medicare rebate.

We have updated our cancellation policy in line with recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Raise the Bar Psychology’s cancellation policy for late cancellation or failure to attend an appointment is as follows:

Assessment services

Booking Deposit

A booking deposit of $250 is required in order to secure your booking. This covers the cost of assessment preparation which occurs prior to the initial consultation. If you cancel your assessment booking with at least two weeks notice prior to the initial consultation, your deposit will be returned in full. No refund will be provided if less than two weeks notice is provided.

Assessment appointments

Appointments cancelled/rescheduled with less than 2 business days’ notice will incur 50% of the full session fee. If appointment slots are able to be filled, you will be notified and the cancellation fee will be waived. However, we are not often able to achieve this due to the nature of our service. 

Counselling/consultation services

Counselling/consultation appointments

Appointments cancelled with less than 1 business days’ notice will incur the full session fee, while those cancelled with 1-2 business days’ notice will incur a 50% fee. If appointment slots are able to be filled, you will be notified and the cancellation fee will be waived. However, we are often not able to achieve this due to the nature of our service. 

  • Email reception at [email protected]  
  • Call reception on 1300 785 662. At present our Administration staff operate from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday. You are welcome to leave a message outside of business hours if it is before the cancellation deadline. 
  • If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a voice message with your name, your psychologist’s name, and the date and time of your appointment.
  • You can reply ‘No’ to your SMS reminder when it is sent 72 hours prior – follow up with an email or phone message 

Please note that while we endeavour to remind you of your appointments through SMS reminders, these should not be relied upon, and it is the client’s responsibility to remember appointments made.

Please note that you cannot claim a Medicare rebate or private health insurance for cancellation fees. Sunday and Public holidays are not considered a business day. 

Our Assessment

Our assessments include exploration of the many different barriers to learning including difficulties with processing sounds, short- and long-term memory, anxiety, attention, and inadequate instruction. When appropriate, formal diagnoses will be provided.

This may include a diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorder (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and/or dyscalculia).

At Raise the Bar Psychology, we recognise the importance of early identification and intervention to support children and adolescents with learning disorders. All our assessments are collaborative, strength-based, and comprehensive.

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New Client Information | Raise the Bar Psychology
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Preparing for assessment

The Admin

Please note: these steps must be completed to confirm your booking.

Preparing Your Child

Assessment Process

We often get asked about our assessment process. Whilst each assessment is unique and tailored to the individual, we generally follow a typical process of intake, assessment sessions, consultation, report writing and feedback. Our feedback sessions are generally booked 4 weeks after the last assessment session to allow enough time for our psychologists to consult with others and write a comprehensive report.

At times, particularly for younger children, a school visit and observation is required as part of the assessment. This would be at an additional cost. Should the need for this be indicated your psychologist will discuss this with you and the reasons for it.

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What happens next? Ongoing support.

We love when our clients stay connected. Here’s a list of services that you may find helpful at the conclusion of your assessment.

We’re here to help you identify the most appropriate assessment pathway and to help you through the process and beyond - because everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

We’d love to support you; whether you have a few questions or concerns, want to know your options, or are looking for the best provider for you, book a call with us today.