Meet the Team: Dr. Shane Costello

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Dr. Shane Costello is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with an incredible background of experience and knowledge. In his role with Raise the Bar Psychology Shane provides a variety of services such as assessments, learning intervention, careers counselling and more, and as with all our team members, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board with us both as a skilled practitioner and a fantastic member of the Raise the Bar family.

With qualifications spanning a Bachelor of Science, Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental) and a Doctor of Philosophy, Shane has utilised his skills across a variety of industries such as disability services, aged and community care, hospitals and schools, as well as his current position with a university.

I am always intrigued by what motivates people to follow a career path that they are so obviously motivated and passionate about, and Shane’s answer was very clear:

I have always been called to work with people, and wanted to make a difference. Psychology is a science, and a great fit to those who are naturally curious and want to support others.

That statement fits Shane to a tee with his love of learning and desire to help people.

Professional Quote: The 90/10 rule

Even the best health professional is only 10% of the outcome. Your success is 90% your hard work and effort, we just help you develop the tools to get there.

Perfect Night In: Watching Topgun and eating burgers!

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, flying planes and travelling

What do you like about working with Raise the Bar: Education and learning are critical foundations of life. No matter what you choose to do, you will be learning throughout your life. At Raise the Bar, we have the opportunity to help people develop these foundations, understand their strengths, and manage their areas of challenge.

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